1. Hazards
    We will not accept loads that have: oil. contaminated drums, paint, gas tanks, radiation and or fibrous material (like insulation).
  2. Pick up (bin service only)
    Local Industry Bin Service available for your workshop, factory or industrial site, for materials such as aluminium, steel, electric motors etc. Various bin sizes available to meet your needs.
  3. Payment Options
    1. EFTPOS on the Spot. 2. Electronic Funds Transfer. 3. Non Transferable Cheque 2. EFT
  4. Batteries
    Lead Acid Batteries are 100% recycle-able and can be identified by the symbol Pb. and can be found in most cars and trucks, as well as battery backup systems like computer UPS and some Solar Systems.
  5. Electrical
    Plastic copper and or Aluminium coated cable or PVC.
  6. Plumbers
    Brass fittings, valves, pipes, etc. as well as copper fittings and pipes for best price you will need to separate your copper from the brass fittings.
  7. We Pay for Cars
    We accept all cars in any condition for scrap metal, including trucks and buses, however please remove any gas tanks and fuel.
  8. Gas Bottles
    Gas tanks accepted if: out of cars and with Valves removed, small BBQ bottles should be empty.