About Us


Founded in 2008, Resteel Recycling was built on the principles of honesty, trust, transparency and integrity. With those principles, Resteel Recycling has grown into a leading metal recycler in South East Melbourne. Our primary business focuses on recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals from industrial, domestic and commercial clients.We provide pragmatic recycling services based on our client’s needs. Our focus is to ensure that we are effective in our services and operation so that our clients can focus on their core business. Our diverse, trusted network of suppliers and buyers make an easy decision. Our network knows us as trusthworthy, transparent, reliable and entrepreneurial. We are committed and always seeking to improve our processes and the quality of our material.

Factory Clean-up

Efficient industrial waste removal and recycling


Safe, eco-friendly dismantling and metal reclamation

Certified Destruction

Secure destruction & disposal with certified documentation

Domestic Services

Convenient and eco-friendly recycling services for households

Car Recycling

Responsible car recycling solutions for ebd-of-life vehicles

We sell several grades of non-ferrous locally within our Circular economy. However, we export several grades to our overseas clients. Our non-ferrous grades of material are:

  • Aluminum (all grades and series)
  • Copper (all grades)
  • "Stainless steel (all grades)
  • Brass (all grades)

Furthermore, we sell our ferrous shred grades to our local shredders and export our Heavy Melting Steel. Our ferrous grades of material are:

  • Light gauge shred
  • Premium grade shred
  • Heavy Melting Steel (HMS Bonus)
  • HMS 80/20
  • Steel Swarf
  • Manganese
  • Cast Iron